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Some things of note:

Bomb It!--international graffiti documentary, screenings worldwide (but nothing coming to BsAs, sadly)

Graffiti Argentina, book that just came out this year

Also, being back in the states, I feel like the buzz surrounding Shephard Fairey (of the Obey campaign and the ubiquitous Obama blue/red image fame) is UNREAL. in fact, the boston contemp arts museum is going to host a retrospective on him. isn’t he s a little on the young side for a retrospective?

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Hey guys,

So I did in fact write that paper on the subject, which I’ll attach here in pdf form. Unfortunately, it’s still in Spanish since it was for an UBA class, but I’m working on translating it (albeit really slowly and intermittently), possibly for publication in English. But I also might wait on sending it in anywhere, since I might still write a seniors thesis project on this? Details to come.

Also, I never did complete my planned graffiti tour of the city, so no personal photos, but I’ll post up some faves from other sources anyway (all of those can be found in the pdf though). But I’ll leave that for another day…

Enjoy! And comments are welcome, as it’s still a work in progress…

xo, Char


Sí, escribí la monografía sobre el arte callejero, y la adjunto en pdf acá en castellano. Lamentablemente, nunca hice el recorrido del graffiti de la ciudad como había planeado, pero bueno, voy a publicar fotos de otras fuentes pronto… De todos modos, todas de estas fotos ya están en el pdf.

Disfrutála! Y por favor, dime sus comentarios porque todavía es en proceso… (Y todavía estoy pensando en continuar este proyecto como mi tésis)

besos, char

Monografía sobre el arte callejero porteño

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