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Quick note: Check out the Romanian Embassy on 200 East 38th Street. There’s a whole exhibition space with nothing in it but just graffiti all over the walls and the glass. Truly awesome.

Para ellos en la ciudad de Nueva York, debes echar un vistazo al embajada de rumania, que está en 200 E. calle 38. hay una entera exposición entregada a grafiti: hay nada en los espacios excepto los dibujos/las palabras en las paredes y las ventanas. Fueron espectacular.

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Still no contemporary BA graff stories yet, but I thought I’d share some interesting historical anecdotes from Lyman Chaffee’s book, Political Protest and Street Art. I won’t try to summarize the history of the Argentine scene (suffice it to say that graffiti was used by all sides throughout the tumultuous post-1930 years in Argentina for political gain), but here are some of my favorite trivia tidbits/tales from around the world:

1. In the Republic of Ireland, where abortion and abortion counseling are illegal, women found numbers to secret hotlines scribbled in public rest room stalls.

2. In Japanese-occupied Korea (1910-1945), the country’s native tongue was banned, but wall graffiti kept the language alive and public.

3. Throughout Latin America, groups have used graffiti/posters to single out individuals to issue death threats before actually carrying them out. Targets have included academics, human rights workers, and journalists.

4. In Chile, under Salvador Allende (1970-1973), murals with slogans were thought to pique semi-illiterates’ interest in learning how to read. … traducción + read on>>

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I am starting to make some contacts in the Buenos Aires graffiti world, but feel free to drop by names, tips, contacts, questions, and so forth: cslau@stanford.edu. And please do correct any awful Spanish mistakes you see, as there will be plenty of those around as well. I will be in Bs As beginning July 20, 2008 and there for exactly five months (until December 20), so check back sometime (or many times) then.

Estoy comenzando ponerse en contacto con algunas personas en el mundo de grafiti en Buenos Aires, pero por favor enviame nombres, consejo, contactos, preguntas, y así sucesivamente, con toda libertad: cslau@stanford.edu. Y por favor ayudame corregir todos mis (muchos) errores en este sitio de web. Voy a estar en Bs As a partir del 20 de julio de 2008 por exactamente cinco meses (hasta el 20 de diciembre). Por favor vuelva nuevamente a este sitio alguna vez (or varias veces) luego.

edit// Please note that the header photo is the default and will change once I arrive in Bs As and can take a picture of the city. If you have been there before and have a photo you could lend me for now, I can put it up as a placeholder…

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